Bombardier delivers first Global 6000 to NetJets


Bombardier Aerospace has delivered the first Global 6000 business jet to NetJets.

                     NetJets Global 6000 delivery
Bombardier Aerospace announced that it delivered NetJets’ first Signature Series Global 6000 jet at a special ceremony in Montréal at Bombardier’s Global Completion Centre.

“When we handed over the ceremonial keys to NetJets at NBAA just a few weeks ago it marked a momentous occasion that embodies the partnership we are building,” said Steve Ridolfi, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Ridolfi continued “Today NetJets has unquestionably become part of the Bombardier Business Aircraft family. We strive for excellence, and our customers don’t just expect it, they demand it. And this Global 6000 jet is another demonstration of the excellence that our Global Completion Centre is capable of.”

NetJets chairman and CEO Jordan Hansell said: “This is the first all-new aircraft of the 670 we have on order. We have been successful in selling all the shares in this Global 6000 aircraft and we are excited about taking delivery because it kicks off the overall renewal of our fleet, beginning today. Our customers expect the very best from the worldwide leader in private aviation and we are confident that the Signature Series Global 6000 jet will exceed their exacting expectations.”