Bombardier Defense delivers modified Global 6000 to USAF


Bombardier Defense has delivered a modified Global 6000 aircraft to US Air Force (USAF) Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) programme based at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.

The delivery was the first of six mission-configured aircraft fitting demands of BACN special missions, to be supplied under the 2021 contract.  Announced in June 2021, the contract represents a potential total value of up to $464.8m.

Bombardier’s president and CEO, Eric Martel said: “The defence sector is a key pillar of Bombardier’s future as our ultra-reliable and high-performing platforms are best suited to house and operate complex mission equipment.” 

Bombardier Global aircraft technologies enable uninterrupted communications between surface and air, with minimal complications from high altitudes, mountains or distance, according to the OEM.

Steve Patrick, vice president, Bombardier Defense highlighted the versatility of the Global 6000 aircraft: “Our best-in-class Global aircraft platform offers the complete package – proven reliability, significant payload capacity, ample available power and the highest degree of stability to support sensitive equipment.

“This, along with top notch design, manufacturing and certification expertise required to carry out modifications makes Bombardier Global aircraft the optimal choice for conversion to specialised assets,” he added.

Modifications to the Global 6000 were carried out by engineers and technicians at the new Bombardier Defense US headquarters in Wichita. Teams at Bombardier’s Tucson, Arizona site completed the interior and exterior work on the aircraft.

Lieutenant colonel Eric Inkenbrandt, USAF said the BACN programme reduces communication problems associated with incompatible systems, adverse terrain and distance.

“BACN increases interoperability which results in forces that execute faster, more reliably, and with less risk to the war fighter,” he said. “The delivery is the pivotal first step to advancing the mission this programme provides.” he added.

The next two deliveries of BACN-equipped Global aircraft, referred to as the ‘E-11A fleet’, are expected in 2022 and 2023. The USAF also plans to purchase an additional aircraft each year until 2025.