Bombardier sells eight aircraft in second quarter, delays Global 7000


Bombardier delivered 47 business aircraft during the second quarter of 2015, up from 38 jets in the same period of 2014.

It also said that the Global 7000 will be delayed by two years.

But Bombardier only took eight new business jet orders during the period. This compares to 30 orders for its business jets in the second quarter of 2014. It is unclear if that company had any cancellations in this quarter

The company sold 19 aircraft during the first quarter of 2015, giving Bombardier a total of 27 orders for the first half of the year.

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“Current economic conditions and geopolitical issues in some regions, such as Latin America, China and Russia, have had an impact on industry-wide order intake.” said the company in its second quarter financial report.

Having ‘paused’ its new LearJet 85 program earlier in the year, Bombardier used its Investor Relations call to announce a two year delay to its Global 7000 program. The company says that building the next generation of Global family aircraft presents challenges.

Although the Global 7000 schedule has slipped, Bombardier says that the prototype is currently in final production, and a further three aircraft are being built.

The aircraft is now scheduled to enter service in the second half of 2018.

The delay to the Global 7000 program comes two months after Bombardier announced a production rate cut on Global family aircraft.

Bombardier shareprice dropped by as much as 10 percent as the market opened, although the stock rallied later.