Boeing nets four BBJ MAX 8 orders


Boeing has added four BBJ MAX 8 orders to its growing order book.

Although Boeing declined to name the customers, it did say that a Middle East operator placed an order for three aircraft, whilst the remaining one aircraft was ordered by an Asian operator.

Boeing has now sold nine BBJ MAX aircraft.

“2015 has been a really strong year for Boeing Business Jets. We have sold seven aircraft and we are not done yet,” said David Longridge, president, Boeing Business Jets. “The BBJ MAX is doing really well with nine orders already on the books for both BBJ MAX 8s and BBJ MAX 9s. The 737 MAX program is on track for first flight scheduled in early 2016. We know the MAX will be a great airplane for our VIP customers.”

The company has also recently seen the first BBJ completion by Sabena Technics in Brussels, Belgium.

Boeing Business Jets managed the process, with the aircraft scheduled to enter into service before the end of the year.

“Boeing Business Jets and Sabena technics worked together to develop a great product. As a turnkey airplane, BBJ managed the completion process and worked with Sabena technics directly and the outcome was fantastic. By the end of the year we will deliver the airplane to a very happy customer ahead of schedule, under budget and with a cabin substantially lighter than contracted, allowing better performance and further range of operations,” said Longridge.

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