Bluetail completes new software for charter aircraft #NBAA


Aircraft records platform Bluetail has developed a to its software portfolio that aims to reduce the time to perform conformity inspections by 50%.

Bluetail’s Mach Conformity product was developed in collaboration with Part 135 operators such as Solarius Aviation, Wheels Up, Jet It, Wing Aviation and Mach Point Aviation.

According to Bluetail’s chief operating officer, Stuart Illian, the software is in part a response to the recent unprecedented growth of the on-demand charter market.

“[The growth] has put pressure on operators to onboard additional aircraft onto their certificates faster and more efficiently than ever before,” he said. “Just doing all the paper records search and conformity steps required by the FAA can add weeks to the process and cost the operator tens of thousands in lost revenue.”

With Mach Conformity, Bluetail aims to give client’s the ability to handle conformity requirements more “efficiently and effectively”. Purchased as a software subscription, it includes features such as task management, an FAA binder builder, managing AD and SB lists and deep search.

It also has the ability to digitally paper clip FAA forms to other documents and export the resulting binder to the appropriate Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

“The Mach Conformity Module has been created to fill a particular need,” said Greg Baynham, vice president of Applications and Delivery, Bluetail.

Baynham added that design partners Solairus Aviation, Wheels Up, Jet It, Wing Aviation, and Mach Point Aviation all claimed that the software would reduce conformity processes by up to five days.

“According to the data supplied by the various participants, that time savings alone would translate to tens of thousands of dollars in added revenue per each newly-conformed aircraft,” he said.


Mach Conformity features – At a glance:

  • Conformity binder builder needed for the applicable FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).
  • Digital paper clip-related lead documents, including Form 337s with supporting 8130-3 forms, into single units of work.
  • Upload Airworthiness Directives (ADs), as well as Chapters 4 and 5 requirements, and link supporting documents to the appropriate AD and OEM requirements.
  • Track the status of each binder chapter through a colour-coded task manager.
  • Save the final conformity binder for future use and export the documents into a standard format for the FSDO’s review.