Bizav brokers risk falling behind using legacy processes, says Avinode


Pioneering bizav technology leader Avinode (EBACE booth D69) is inviting European charter brokers to adopt and enjoy the workflow benefits of the company’s TripManager sales management system, rather than rely on legacy processes.

Avinode says brokers globally, and especially in the US, consistently report improved workflow when using TripManager. Avinode wants to ensure European brokers do not miss out on the benefits being enjoyed by their counterparts.

Oliver King, CEO of the Avinode Group, says: “Seeing our game-changing technology drive the industry forward is incredibly exciting and rewarding. We understand some European brokers feel comfortable using long-established processes but those legacy solutions are painfully slow and inefficient now. If you don’t make changes soon, you risk falling behind your competitors.

“We want all our European customers to know how quickly and easily they can upgrade to TripManager, the only sales management system designed specifically for business aviation charter brokers. The benefits of the system include automating repetitive data entry tasks, whether planning flights, creating professional quotes rapidly or managing and updating the customer database. As all Avinode platforms are integrated, including PayNode, you only ever need to input information once. All the key data is held in one place, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The end result is what all brokers want – increased conversion rates, better productivity and a growing business.”

Michael J. Ogulnik, chief executive officer of California-based private aviation broker Quantum Jets, says: “TripManager is one of the most valuable tools we use. All our trips are neatly organized and can be called up for reference in a matter of seconds, allowing us to easily manage upcoming trips and look back instantly at a client’s history.”

Luis Barros, founder and chief executive officer of Texas-based Leviate Air Group (formerly Horizon), agrees, saying: “TripManager is excellent in keeping all our trip information in one place. If anything happens to one of our team, someone else can step in and get to work on the trip without skipping a beat.”

Giles Vickers-Jones, chairman of UK-based international business aviation charter broker SHY Aviation, adds: “TripManager has definitely improved our efficiency and streamlined our business. We use TripManager to provide us with all client-facing information, from quote proposals to contracts and invoices.”

Avinode’s new messaging feature

Avinode’s product range is constantly being improved, leading to even higher levels of customer satisfaction and rising numbers of users.

New for May 2018 is a messaging/chat feature which can be used on Avinode’s desktop and mobile platforms. Brokers and operators can now instantly connect to discuss trip details with all the necessary information easily at hand, rather than needing to rely on phone or email contact. The many questions when arranging a private flight, from: “Will golf clubs fit on this aircraft?” to: “Will there be a VIP limousine waiting on arrival?”, can be asked and answered through the messaging service. Misunderstandings and missed communications can be minimized.

King says: “Switching between emails, phone calls and text messages when trying to confirm trips can be difficult and confusing. This new service simplifies and centralizes the process. Our customers have been calling for messaging and, as ever, we’ve listened. We love bringing new features to the market, so we’re really excited about this service. Over 600 messages were sent on the first day alone [May 7]. And the positive immediate feedback from our customers, including their social media comments, tells us we’ve had an instant success with instant messaging.”