Biggin Hill and Teterboro sign an atlantic aviation initiative


Initiative provides a platform for co-operation between Teterboro and Biggin Hill airports geared toward business and corporate aviation users.
London Biggin Hill

London Biggin Hill Airport is located approximately a 45-minute drive away from London’s financial centre.

A transatlanic aviation initiative was established earlier this week between Teterboro Airport, New York and London’s Biggin Hill Airport designed to support air transportation between the financial and commercial centres of the two cities.

Teterboro and Biggin Hill operate similarly as international gateway airports to their respective cities, both located conveniently within 12 miles of the city centres. Both airports have multi-choice FBO’s and MRO’s and a full range of supporting technical services.

“We look forward to working together and exchanging ideas about the successful development of this specialist business aviation sector,”  said Andrew Walters.

“The USA is recognised as a market leader in the sector and Teterboro is the leading airport, so there is much for us to learn – such as minimising disturbance to the local community whilst also meeting the growing needs of the customer.”

Walters continued: “The FAA and NYPA have developed a successful Reliever airport strategy for their smaller airports, making them attractive to operators to use as an alternative to the busy hub airports, thereby reducing pressure and demand for non-scheduled flights at the bigger airports. This strategy can lead directly to an improvement in the resilience of the big, busy airports.”

“We believe that the approach taken by the NYPA in operating their network of airports as an overall system and providing better choices for operators is a very interesting model for the problems now faced by London in meeting its capacity challenge. We have made our representations to the Airports Commission in London that London Biggin Hill should be considered as a Reliever airport, specialising in the Business and General Aviation sector – just as Teterboro does today,” said Walters.

“The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has selected Biggin Hill and the area around the airport as a Strategic Outer London Development Centre. As a result, we are now moving ahead with plans to attract more aviation industry to our land in SE London – as has already been achieved at Teterboro,” added Walters.

Bill Baroni, deputy executive director of the Port Authority said: “New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport has much to offer and gain from this special sister airport relationship with London’s Biggin Hill. Teterboro and Biggin Hill are leaders in private aircraft operations and the agency looks forward to broadening its relationship with London’s aviation, commercial and financial entities, which hopefully will foster learning and economic growth both here and aboard.”