New GA terminal open at Schiphol


New terminal open for business jets

Schiphol Airport recently opened their new General Aviation Terminal
at Schiphol-East. The old terminal handled around 4,500 business jet flights a
year, the new terminal will handle many more aircraft over a year.

The present GA Terminal has been
housed in Building 106 for several decades, but this building is showing its
age and due for replacement.   To
continue meeting the market and requirements of business jet passengers,
Schiphol Real Estate worked with VMX Architects to design a new terminal. This
new terminal has an area of 6,000 sq m: 1,000 sq m for the terminal and
lounges, 4,000 sq m of office space and 1,000 sq m for aircraft parking.

The terminal is located on the
apron that is specifically used for small aircraft. It is a multifunctional
building with both handling areas and offices. The main users of the terminal
are the handling agents KLM, Aviapartner and Jetsupport. Other parties,
including Jet Netherlands, Nayak, Aerdynamics and Solid Air are
already renting over half of the office space in the new building.