CEPA decides to change chairman


Organisation is set to announce new chairman at the end of this month

CEPA logoCentral European Private Aviation will be announcing a new chairman and a fresh new emphasis at the beginning of February, as departing chairman JiríMatoušek, completes his contracted year at the end of this month.

Dagmar Grossmann, CEPA founder, says “We feel it is important to continue bringing fresh ideas to CEPA and for 2012 we have decided to recruit our chairman from another key area of aviation to ensure the Association continues to develop its full potential.  Jirí will remain with CEPA and assist us during the transition period. Our team is now pro-actively assessing proposals on how to strengthen the organisation in 2012 and beyond.”

She added: “I would like to thank Mr Matoušek wholeheartedly for his dedication over the past year. His excellent knowledge of the industry and strong leadership have benefitted CEPA enormously, culminating in a highly successful CEPA EXPO, held in Prague in December, the first dedicated business aviation exhibition held within the central European region.”

Matoušek replaced Grossmann as chairman of CEPA in February 2011 and has played a pivotal role in developing the profile of CEPA, together with building new relationships between east and western business aviation associations and communities. Working together with Grossmann and David Couto, who will continue to head up CEPA’s marketing efforts, Matoušek has worked on various CEPA-related projects during the past year.