Best practice Standard receives “big vote of confidence”


A “big vote of confidence” by business aviation leaders has led to a new and improved set of best practices for the industry.

The International Business Aviation Council is rolling out a modernised and consolidated version of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), a voluntary code of best practice for business aviation, following a unanimous vote by the IS-BAO Standards Board.

The IBAC says the safety standard has been “elevated to new heights” by a “big vote of confidence” in it by the industry leaders sitting on the Standards Board.

It had talked to almost 100 operators globally about what they wanted from the standard, and had changed it accordingly to make it simpler, less complex, and more able to respond to its participants’ needs. The new version allows operators more flexibility and time to implement improvements (called Vision 2020), improves efficiency, reduces workflow, and contains language “tailored to international business aviation”.

“This is a landmark change and paradigm shift that the aviation industry demanded,” said IS-BAO programme director Bennet Walsh, announcing the new standard at NBAA-BACE earlier this week. “After a year-long listening tour, we heard users wanted a step-by-step process for small operators and a more embedded system for established operators so audits become routine and not a distraction.

“We met with nearly 100 operators around the world to hear their concerns. By reviewing each existing standard with the question ‘How does this add value to an operator?’, the IS-BAO team was able to reduce the size and complexity of the IS-BAO Standard. The programme has become more responsive to its participants. In addition, it is adjusting to emerging technologies and applications in aviation and auditing.

“Being an IS-BAO-registered operator is a significant statement. It means you are committed to a proven safety and operational code of best practice. The Standards Board vote today is a result of a grassroots effort not only to refresh that Standard for current users but also to welcome new operators who wish to conform with this voluntary Standard of excellence.”

Also at NBAA-BACE, IBAC congratulated the flight departments of Coca Cola and Entergy for being IS-BAO-registered operators for 15 years – since the programme began.

“IBAC is pleased to recognise the commitment and professionalism of the Coca Cola and Entergy flight departments,” said Kurt Edwards, IBAC director general. “The executives, management and staff of Coca Cola and Entergy should be proud of the commitment to excellence and safety demonstrated by their flight departments’ continued participation in a global safety standard that counts nearly 800 operators worldwide.”

And the organisation announced three new appointments to its leadership team. Lawrence Fletcher has become audit manager of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling programme, a new position created due to the programme’s growth since its launch in 2014. He was previously audit manager of the IS-BAO programme, a role that has now been filled by Daniel Devraignes. And Yvonne Marinus has joined the IBAC as IS-BAO auditor accreditation manager.