Bell delivers six helicopters to Europe in 30 days


Bell Helicopter announced at EBACE that it had completed delivery of six of its newest helicopters to Europe in the past month

Bell 429 at EBACE 2012Bell Helicopter said that it
completed deliveries of six of its newest aircraft to Europe
during the last month.

Three Bell 407GX aircraft
were delivered in Europe, one in Belgium,
one in Denmark and one in Iceland. Bell also delivered three additional Bell
429 aircraft in Russia and Ukraine.

“We are excited about
the tremendous customer response to the new generation of Bell aircraft. The Bell 407GX is attracting interest from
corporate, private and utility operators due to its speed, range and
state-of-the-art Garmin G1000H flight deck that maximises pilot situational
awareness. In short, the Bell
407GX delivers exceptional performance and improved safety
characteristics,” said Danny Maldonado Bell’s executive vice president of Commercial
Sales and Marketing.

The company is showcasing
the Bell 429
outfitted as a corporate aircraft. The aircraft is on a European demo tour,
after EBACE the helicopter will be visiting Belgium,
Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Serbia.

Maldonado added,
“Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Bell 429, which serves the
full spectrum of segments – air medical, law enforcement, oil & gas,
utility and corporate. Customers appreciate the 429’s spacious cabin, plus
Transport Canada’s certification increasing the 429 gross weight up to 7,500
lbs. provides a performance boost that doubles the 429’s footprint and greatly
increases its endurance and loiter times.”