Boeing Business Jets announces BBJ Select – simpler and cheaper way to buy a BBJ


Boeing Business Jets is is offering customers a simplified (and cheaper) way of buying BBJ 737-7s. Rather than delivering the aircraft green and then finding a completion house, Boeing Select customers sign a single contract with Boeing.

They then get to pick from a range of modular options. ALOFT AeroArchitects and Greenpoint Technologies will complete all BBJ Select aircraft. As the official auxillary fuel tank supplier, ALOFT has worked on every BBJ 737.

“BBJ Select simplifies the process, compresses the overall completion design time and also drive down cost,” said Drew Gough, North American sales director, Boeing Business Jets.

The first BBJ Select aircraft can be delivered in 2026. Boeing Business Jets is not revealing the price of an aircraft using BBJ Select. Corporate Jet Investor estimates it is close to $95m. A 737-7 completed aircraft typically costs between $115m and $125m.

With BBJ Select, Boeing splits the aircraft into six zones. Two of these are fixed. At the front, all BBJ Select aircraft will have a crew rest area, VIP lavatory and galley. In the rear, all BBJ Select aircraft will have a VIP bed and shower suite.

For the other four zones , customers can  chose between lounges, private rooms (possibly with a queen size bed) or different seat options. BBJ is offering to have six pod style lie-flat seats similar to first class on an airline. It expects that this will be popular with corporations and governments and by adding one zone of these a BBJ737-7 can sleep 16. Although there is a slight price increase for this option.

There are three colour palettes: serene (beige, creams and off-whites), midnight (dark blues) and earthbound (browns, tans and gold) Earthbound is targeted at traditional UHNWI buyers.

“The goal with the palettes is that each customer will find a palette that speaks to them, but then there are further customisation options and lots of opportunity to dial in interior style,” said Gough. “It is very likely that we will never build two identical BBJ Select aircraft, but that is OK. We can swap cabin modules in simply saving costs.”

Boeing will continue to sell green BBJ737-7s and help customers find completion houses for bespoke aircraft.