FAA Certifies Enhanced Vision System on Boeing Business Jet


Boeing Business Jets to be equiped with Rockwell Collins Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

Boeing Business Jets today announced that
the Rockwell Collins Enhanced Vision System (EVS) was certified last week by
the Federal Aviation Administration on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), an Air National
Guard C-40.  The Rockwell Collins EVS is available to current and future
BBJ operators as a post-production modification.

The EVS capability enhances situational
awareness for pilots during approach, landing, taxi and takeoff by presenting
an image of the external environment on the Head-up Guidance System (HGS) and
head-down displays.

The system uses an infrared sensor to
improve the pilots’ view of the runway in various conditions including bad
weather.  This aids pilots to avoid terrain and clearly identify the
runway, including any obstructions, early in the approach.  It also
assists pilots with “black hole” approaches to airports not equipped
with precision landing aids and with landing and maneuvering at unfamiliar

“I had the pleasure of flying several
of the flights during the EVS development flight-test program with the Air
National Guard and the Rockwell Collins team. That experience gave me the
chance to see the EVS advantages first hand,” said Steve Taylor, Boeing
Business Jets president.

“Given the variety of destinations
visited by most BBJ operators, the improved situational awareness that EVS
provides can be a great advantage,” said Taylor.

“The truly collaborative effort between
Rockwell Collins, Boeing, the Air National Guard and the entire development
team has made EVS a reality for BBJ owners and operators who have been eagerly
awaiting this capability,” said David Austin, senior director, HGS for
Rockwell Collins.

Installation of the EVS system on BBJs
requires that the airplanes receive an upgrade to the HGS 4000, a modified
radome, and the infrared camera.

The EVS system will be demonstrated on the
Air National Guard BBJ at DeKalb
Peachtree Airport
during the National Business Aviation Association convention.