Banyan Air Service simulates smoke in cockpit demos


Fort Lauderdale based Banyan Air Service is offering free demonstrations of smoke in cockpit with their new EVAS simulator.

Banyan EVAS simulator

Alvie Barron tests the EVAS simulator

Banyan Air Service at Fort Lauderdale has received an Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) simulator and is offering free demonstrations on how this equipment can aid a pilot in the event of a smoke emergency.

The simulator was manufactured by VisionSafe especially for Banyan.  It is completely self-contained unit with one seat, theatrical smoke and a filtration system.  Participants put on a pair of goggles and sit in the simulator as smoke invades the cockpit.

After the experience, Roberto Silva a retired officer from the Chilean Air Force said: “I am truly amazed by how simple and effective the EVAS product works.”

Having the EVAS simulator here is an impressive way to simulate a real world emergency but in a safe and controlled environment.  It only takes one demonstration of a smoke filled cockpit to prove how EVAS can save lives during an emergency,” says Alvie Barron, Banyan’s director of technical sales.

In January 25, 2013, Banyan and EVAS factory representative, Kurt Poruks, will be on hand to assist pilots and owners with the EVAS simulations.  To schedule a demo time for January 25or for other dates, contact Alvie Barron at Banyan Air Service.