Banyan installs Challenger 604 with internet system


Banyan completes a second of two Bombradier Challenger 604s with inflight internet system.

Banyan Air Service has completed the second of two Challenger 604 business jets with Aircell AGT-4000 Gogo inflight internet system. The avionics installation was done at the customer’s maintenance base during a minimum maintenance inspection.

“After repeated requests from our charter customers asking if our fleet is Wi-Fi equipped we decided to seek advice from an avionics shop experienced with these type of installations,” stated Barry Ellis, CEO of charter company Hop-a-Jet based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE).

Ellis continued “We didn’t have to look too far as Banyan Air Service, also based at FXE, had the experience, knowledge and expertise to complete the installations on our aircraft. After our first aircraft was outfitted with connectivity we noticed an increased utilization rate within the first month. This convinced our management team to outfit the remainder of our large cabin fleet and Banyan Air Service performed the upgrades in our own hangar and delivered the aircraft on time.”

“Connectivity continues to be the hottest product in the avionics industry,” states Brian Wilson, Banyan’s director of avionics. “Today passengers are demanding Wi-Fi in the cabin and while some charter operators were quick to see the competitive edge of having Wi-Fi onboard; others are now racing to catch up so their aircraft are not left sitting on the tarmac.”