Baldwin Safety and Compliance is Taking the Mystery Out of Performance Monitoring with New SPM Tool


Baldwin Safety

Hilton Head, SC – 27 September 2021 — Baldwin Safety and Compliance announced it is adding new tools to the SMS portal to assist users with Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement (SPM).

The new features align safety performance monitoring and measurement functionality with ICAO, IS-BAO and IS-BAH requirements and demystifies the safety monitoring measurement process while clarifying the importance of objectives and measures against those within the organisation.

The tool permits users to specify objectives and puts the measurements beside them, allowing team members to visually see how the organisation is performing against those objectives. Users can also input external information to support objectives like training events, safety meetings, etc. that are not data fields but help achieve safety objectives. These measure process based inputs are now accepted in addition to the traditional outputs that are collected from completed forms.

“We often hear confusion over SPIs and SPTs and how to monitor them effectively,” stated Director of Standards, Baldwin Safety and Compliance, Jason Starke. “These new features help clarify the link between the two and allows for monitoring performance indicators. It is such an important part of the SMS process, and I am excited to share it with our clients.”

Our developers have done a great job with this tool, and we look forward to the roll-out over the next 4-6 weeks.”