BAE Systems and Design Q unveil new ABJ concept


Design Q's interior for the new ABJ

Design Q prioritise space for latest ABJ.
Design Q's interior for the new ABJ

Design Q’s interior for the new ABJ

BAE Systems and Design Q has unveiled their latest concept for the Avro Business Jet (ABJ).

The ABJ Eleganté is the fourth of five interiors commissioned by BAE Systems Regional Aircraft from Design Q to meet different VIP aircraft market segments. The first two, ABJ Explorer One and Explorer Four, were unveiled at EBACE 2010. The ABJ Fusion, aimed at the high-end luxury charter aircraft market, was unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in October 2010.

“A fully converted ABJ of this level of quality can be put on the ramp for between US$12-15 million, or the cost of a much smaller mid-sized business jet, and certainly for considerably less than a new-build regional jet conversion,” said Chris Sedgwick, technical sales executive for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft

“The large cabin space of the ABJ means that an interior arrangement close to that of a Boeing Business Jet can be accommodated.”

The focus of the interior has been to maximise the available space within the cabin by creating a fluid layout that guides the occupants through the cabin. Although this has been done before on some large VIP aircraft it is a new approach on an aircraft of this size and price bracket.

“Luxury is often a word that is overused, having the effect of diluting its real meaning. Space is a luxury in an aircraft interior and it is this that defines the ABJ Eleganté,” said Gary Doy, director of Design Q.