Avsurance’s 30th year is ‘its best yet’


Avsurance, Avfuel’s in-house aviation insurance subsidiary, has celebrated three decades in business with its best year to date, according to the company.

“Avsurance has always been wholly dedicated to the aviation industry,” said Jim Coleman, director, Avsurance. “That dedication and focus has supported Avsurance’s evolution along with the needs of the industry across 30 years. Today, that means providing specialised policies, like pollution-related coverages, for a fully-developed risk management portfolio.”

The firm said some of its most important coverages over the past year for clientele are cyber protection, employment practices liability insurance, directors and officers coverages and pollution-related coverages.

Avufel also deals in niche coverages to help protect businesses from gaps in their cover, from malware and fraudulent threats to potential lawsuits. In conjunction with standard coverages Avsurance’s team insured more than $2bn worth of aircraft.

“We know insurance and we’re passionate about aviation,” said Coleman. “The Avsurance team is here to provide complete coverage for all types of aviation customers. It always starts with a free consultation, because we understand each client is unique and requires a custom-made plan for risk management. We’ve used this personalised approach for 30 years – and we’ll continue to use this personalised approach for 30 more.”

At a glance – top five insurance topics

  • cyber protection
  • criminal protection
  • employment practices liability insurance
  • directors and officers coverages
  • pollution-related coverages