Avinode launches new iPhone apps


New apps should turn iPhones and iPads into charter sales terminals

releases their new suite of mobile apps, designed to turn iPhones and iPads into
charter sales channels for members. These apps are designed to increase the
visibility of private jets as a travel option and make charter more accessible
to end-clients.

“We believe that finding a private jet should be as simple and flexible as
traveling in one,” says Per Marthinsson, managing director for Avinode Americas.
“So we designed a suite of apps that would allow our marketplace members to
give their clients easy-access to charter aircraft with real-time price and
availability information pulled straight from Avinode.”

“Our goal is to keep driving innovation to ensure that the industry is able to
keep pace with technological change and stay on track with how end-clients are
doing business.” said Marthinsson. “As consumers around the globe make the move
to mobile platforms for their information needs we feel it is important that
the charter industry has the ability to do the same, so that businesses in this
sector can continue meeting client expectations of how and where business
should be conducted.”

Many Avinode member companies have echoed this view, championing the need for
technological advances in the smartphone arena.

“Smartphones are the future. They’re where people are going and where business
is going,” explains Tina Grano, charter sales director for Florida-based
Windsor Jet Management. “It’s all about thinking quickly and trying to get
answers quickly. We see this as a good way for tech savvy brokers and
end-clients to get what they need quicker and easier than traditional methods.”

Later this month, Windsor Jet Management will become the first US
company to launch an Operator App and they already expect that this will change
the way their clients interact with them.

“I think that the App will translate well to our professional clients,” says
Grano. “They already prefer to interact through the Avinode Marketplace since
it means they can send more requests and get a quicker response, so we believe
that giving them the ability to reach us on a mobile platform will help to
further simplify their sourcing.”

Pedro Corsi, chief executive of Servicios Aereos Across SA based in Toluca, Mexico,
also feels that his company’s forthcoming Operator App would change the way his
clients do business.

“Smart consumers, in general, are looking for easier ways to source charter,”
explains Corsi. “With an Operator App we can give our clients real-time access
to our prices and availability so we can speed up response time, provide better
service and attract last minute business.”