Avinode says US charter market growing strongly


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Avinode, the online charter marketplace, says that the US charter market is growing strongly again, following a recent slump.

US departure requests through Avinode’s platform increased by more than 50% in the period between January and August of this year, reaching 660,450, up 54% from the 428,858 requests in the same period last year.

Avinode says this is mirrored in the number of arrival requests, which increased by 53% in the same period.

“Not only is the demand for US business aviation flights increasing but we are also seeing growing numbers of North American Avinode members sourcing flights directly through the Avinode Marketplace rather than using a telephone. said Per Marthinsson, executive vice president, Avinode Americas.

Over the course of the last 12 months, flights to and from Teterboro Airport saw the most requests, with Los Angeles to Las Vegas being the most requested route.

Light jets, followed by mid-size jets, were the most requested aircraft categories.

“We’re delighted our constant improvements to the system are being appreciated and used. Brokers and operators are clearly noting the ever-increasing efficiency of the Marketplace and over 30% of operators are now quoting back within 45 minutes of a request being submitted,” said Marthinsson.

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