Avinode adds Etihad Residence to charter options


Clients using Avinode’s private jet charter booking service will now have the option of placing their customers in Etihads’s Residence.

The service will be offered by charter specialist Chapman Freeborn.

Etihad’s Residence is a step up from first class that is available on the airline’s Airbus A380 flights. The service includes three rooms on the A380, as well as an en suite shower and butler service.

Currently the service is only available between London and Abu Dhabi three times a day, and once a day between Abu Dhabi and New York and Sydney.

Avinode lists each flight that is available as a potential empty leg, and matches any clients requests for a similar timed flight to the Residence service.

“One of business aviation’s biggest challenges is to pull new customers into the industry, to experience the product. When Chapman Freeborn approached Avinode with the idea to list Etihad’s The Residence, we were excited to explore whether our members could leverage that business, and hopefully reap the benefits at either end of the customer’s experience.” said Oliver King, managing director, Avinode, “By bringing new customers to the industry, we hope that brokers and operators will be able to target these additional opportunities.”

The service will be run as an initial six month trail, with the potential to expand the offering if the demand is good.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate in our industry, and this unique move will see Etihad’s superb premium products presented in a whole new format to a new audience.” said Alex Berry, group sales and marketing director at Chapman Freeborn.