Aviation Horizons gains Part 135


Saudia Arabian company Aviation Horizons has been awarded a Part 135 certificate from the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia

Aviation Horizons signingAt a press conference held in Jeddah on 8 May 2012, Aviation Horizons
announced that it had been awarded a Part 135 certificate from the GACA in Saudi Arabia.
At the same time, Mohammed Al Bokhari, Aviation Horizons chief executive
signed a co-operation agreement with the Saudi Private Aviation chief executive
Wajdi Al Idrissi.

Mohammed Bokhari said “With the
increasing demand in the Kingdom, our goal is to uplift the private aviation
service and provide our clients with the optimum services they deserve to
have”,” said Al Bokhari.  “We look
forward to cooperating with GACA and other private aviation companies to assist
in increasing the efficiency of the private aviation market in Saudi Arabia.”

Aviation Horizons general
manager Hosam Andijani said “We are proud of our commitment and reliant on the
Saudi professionals within Aviation Horizons. We believe it is our duty toward
our country to support Saudi employment and we’ll continue our expansion though
hiring the best professionals to achieve the company’s goals.”