AVIAÂ makes NBAA-BACE debut


Gillian Hayes

At last week’s NBAA-BACE in Orlando, AVIAÂ, the expanding US group purchasing organisation, made its debut and showcased its enhanced AVIAÂ Dashboard. The solution brings together all the enhanced services AVIAÂ’s connected members and suppliers can enjoy in real-time, complemented by a high level of insight and intelligence, typically found in the financial services sector.

Through the AVIAÂ Dashboard, members can quickly and easily understand their overall spending and the returns they are making across seven key spend categories, including fuel, maintenance, ground services, data, training, operations, and insurance. The AVIAÂ savings calculator also shows where members may have missed savings – compared with Conklin & de Decker predicted spend – on individual pillars and overall.

AVIAÂ’s rapidly growing membership includes aircraft based globally with 75% in the US. Members enjoy substantial savings and value from engaging with AVIAÂ’s preferred supplier network and aggregating their volume collectively. The refined AVIAÂ Dashboard allows members to monitor their spending across airports and the locations they visit, and enables detailed analysis of individual and fleet-wide purchasing trends. Over the next 12 months, AVIAÂ will further roll out enhancements to deliver even greater business intelligence insights, support for flight planning tools and processes, and the ability to compare suppliers across regions and locations.

“AVIAÂ’s COO/CPO Rick Tilghman has worked to build-out and evolve our product capabilities during his first six months, including the recruiting of AVIAÂ’s industry leading Engineering team,” commented CEO Gillian Hayes (pictured above). That team includes John Stuppy, VP of Engineering and previously a senior engineer with Google, and Adam Scherer, Senior Director of Engineering and previously a long-time consultant with digital agency Isobar.

Rick joined AVIAÂ after a storied career that included heading up user experience, and design at Roundarch (later Roundarch Isobar) in New York, where he delivered innovative cross-platform solutions for industries as diverse as Financial Services, Media, Professional Sports, and Healthcare. He then joined PayPal as a senior director, where he led their Product Experience practice and worked to deliver a unified product experience and strategy for all their digital products, before deciding to make the shift to start-ups full-time.

“AVIAÂ’s user customer base is broad – pilots; crew; operations teams; fleet owners – all different owners with different needs. Creating an analytical engine and service that can deliver tailored insights to such different groups was a great challenge,” he said. AVIAÂ has risen to that challenge, and they are proud to demo these capabilities this week at NBAA.