Avfuel commits to Sustainability


Avfuel commits to sustainability

Las Vegas, Nevada – 12 October 2021 As a leader in sustainable aviation solutions, Avfuel Corporation caps off an exciting year of developments by announcing a formal commitment to sustainability, including a new sustainability mission statement and a pledge to offset emissions annually.

According to the fuel supplier, Avfuel is committed to identifying, developing, providing and advocating for sustainable solutions, making it Avfuel’s duty to promote environmentally responsible operations at its properties and throughout the Avfuel Network, in addition to facilitating initiatives to help customers reach their sustainability goals.

As part of this mission, Avfuel will now offset all annual carbon emissions generated from: scope 1 and 2 activities (i.e., energy used on Avfuel’s campuses and by company vehicles, including fuel burned by Avfuel’s owned transport trucks for fuel deliveries); fuel used in corporate aircraft; and diesel used in leased refueler truck equipment across the Avfuel Network.

Avfuel Fuel Truck

Avfuel will offset these emissions with carbon credits from 2020 onward, helping to reduce its net carbon footprint. For 2020, this involves offsetting 8,164 metric tons of carbon emissions with carbon credits purchased through CBL Markets—Avfuel’s new carbon credit provider.

“At Avfuel, we recognise the responsibility we have—especially as a fuel supplier—to operate with a sustainable mindset,” said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing. “After carefully reviewing the emissions we produce as a company with third-party sustainability consultants, we felt it imperative to do our part in reducing our net carbon footprint. While we’ll continue to analyse how we can reduce our direct emissions as a company, we’re excited to promote a cleaner, brighter future by offsetting the emissions we do generate through the use of carbon credits, which fund green initiatives that wouldn’t otherwise take place.”

Avfuel will purchase carbon credits through its own Carbon Offset Program. Avfuel’s Carbon Offset Program is a voluntary sustainability solution whereby operators and companies can choose to reduce their net emissions by investing in green projects. All projects have strict monitoring, verification and certification requirements to ensure full levels of due diligence and compliance, meeting either the Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve or Verified Carbon Standard. This means the carbon credit investment is certified to be genuine and ultimately feeds directly into the environmental project.

To further help realise its sustainability mission, Avfuel provides or is working toward a number of sustainability solutions in addition to its Carbon Offset Program and offsetting pledge, including: bringing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and unleaded avgas to market, and launching a book and claim offering for SAF.