Asset Insight and Janus Aerospace enter agreement to enhance the value of their services to customers


Asset Insight

Asset Insight announces a collaborative agreement with JANUS Aerospace. JANUS will be providing aircraft acquisition assistance, completion and modification oversight services, and technical program management expertise to Asset Insight’s clients, while Asset Insight will provide JANUS’s clients with free access to Asset Insight’s eValues System that includes current and residual value estimates, maintenance expense planning analytics, and aircraft remarketing potential.

“Our relationship with JANUS is built upon appreciation for each other’s unique expertise and talents,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC. “Customers can utilise Asset Insight’s valuation tools when utilising JANUS’s services, and this relationship will simplify that arrangement and provide even more value to our mutual client.”

“It’s easy to make a costly mistake, if you acquire an aircraft that has not been thoroughly vetted,” said Kevin Hoffman, President and CEO of JANUS Aerospace, LLC. “With Asset Insight’s eValues system we can accurately plan and provide the overall cost of the Acquisition and the Modernization and Upgrade program, thereby providing our clients with a clear understanding of the aircraft’s total cost.”

The natural collaboration between JANUS and Asset Insight is based upon services, skills, and knowledge that work together to enhance the offerings each company provides to the client.

To utilise the benefits of this arrangement, all a customer needs to do is engage either company for their services and the connection will be made for extension of the other’s services.