Asset Insight and Air Conformity enter agreement to expand services and enhance value of services to customers


Asset Insight

16 February 2021 – Asset Insight announces a collaborative agreement with Air Conformity. Air Conformity will be providing technical services and support to Asset Insight’s clients, while Asset Insight will provide Air Conformity’s clients with free access to Asset Insight’s eValues System that includes current and residual value estimates, maintenance expense planning analytics, and aircraft remarketing potential.

“Our agreement with Air Conformity has created a uniquely harmonious partnership,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC. “Asset Insight helps aircraft owners and operators understand maintenance-related metrics that impact their aircraft’s value, and Air Conformity brings deep maintenance and technical analysis, along with aircraft conformity and process optimization expertise, to those same clients. This relationship will help our customers to better understand the technical condition of their aircraft, how it compares to others in the marketplace, and the industry regulations they need to consider and act upon with confidence.”

“In addition to worldwide aircraft sales and acquisition technical support services, Air Conformity provides extensive maintenance-related capabilities for all phases of the aircraft ownership lifecycle,” said Robert Beaumont, president and CEO of Air Conformity. “We also provide records and Airworthiness Directive audit and search services and on-site representation while an owner’s aircraft is in for maintenance. On the other side of the relationship, we also assist aviation businesses through our extensive experience in the applicable CFRs, processes, and through regulatory interface, and organizational structure and process development optimisation.”

The relationship between Air Conformity and Asset Insight evolved naturally as both companies are experts in complimentary areas of aviation maintenance and maintenance management. Further, Air Conformity has strategically located representatives located in Asia, Europe, Canada , and the United States reducing travel costs and delays, while adding value to operators and clients.

To utilise the benefits of this arrangement, all a customer needs to do is engage either company for their services and the connection will be made for extension of the other’s services.