ASQS expands Global Footprint with office opening in Calgary


Gunther Schindl

Vienna, Austria & Calgary, Canada – 11 June 2021 – ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions), a leading Vienna-based high-class aviation quality and safety management software provider, today announced the opening of its new office in Calgary, Alberta. The subsidiary in Calgary, ASQS Safety and Quality Solutions Inc., will allow ASQS to further expand not only its global footprint but also its customer support services by being available to clients and prospects in three time zones beginning June 2021.

Since its foundation in 2009, ASQS has grown its client base to more than 220 aviation companies including small to large airlines, helicopter and business jet operators, ground handling agents/FBOs, MROs and airports around the world and holds a workforce of more than 50 employees in its headquarters in Vienna and subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand. The company’s core product, IQSMS (Integrated Quality and Safety Management System), is a modular web-based and integrated quality and safety management software developed to support aviation companies in operational areas such as their hazard and occurrence reporting, internal and external auditing, risk management as well as safety performance monitoring.

In addition to the corporate headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and an operational office in Thailand, the new branch in Canada will enable the company to continue expansion of its global network and significantly improve customer support services for partners and clients.

“The decision to enter the North American market was a logical step in our corporate growth strategy,” said Gunther Schindl, co-founder and CEO of ASQS. “We are committed to a closer relationship with our customers in North and Latin America, and to provide prompt support and sales services. The Calgary office enables us to deliver almost 24 hours continuous client support from Monday to Friday.”

ASQS appointed senior customer support representative Ms. Christine Schramm to manage the new office and build a local team of technical, aviation and customer service professionals. Schramm, who is currently settling in Calgary will be starting her work on June 7, 2021.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to represent ASQS and our product IQSMS overseas and to establish our customer support office in Calgary. From here, we can provide faster and better support services to our customers in North and Latin America and fill the remaining support gap. Over the next months, as we continue to expand into this market, we will focus on building a local team and enhance customer support,” Schramm comments on her new responsibilities.

When planning the expansion, the main reasons the SaaS (Software as a Service) company ASQS chose Calgary as its new location were the city’s high standards of living, its position as an aviation hot spot, as well as the ever-growing tech sector and highly skilled local workforce. Calgary’s rapidly developing tech and innovation scene, as well as direct access to North America and the rapidly expanding markets in Asia, offer myriad strategic business opportunities for ASQS, making the city the perfect environment to market its innovative software solution IQSMS.

“Calgary is a great addition to our presence in Vienna and Bangkok. It is considered the fifth most livable city in the world and the most livable in North America in 2019. At least as important for us, it is a true technology and aviation hub, hosting one of Canada’s largest airports and several major operators. That’s why Calgary is the perfect place to expand our service network and promote digital transformation in the area of aviation safety and quality management. We are really thankful for the warm welcome and great support we have received from Calgary Economic Development and Invest Alberta over the last few months and thrilled to now bring our ideas and innovative software IQSMS to North America in order to enable future clients to reduce their operational risks and strengthen their safety compliance,” Schindl noted.

“It’s exciting to see the expansion of ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions) into Calgary. As a leader in the provision of aviation safety and quality management software, ASQS’ arrival supports the vision of our economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy, to attract the world’s best companies to solve the world’s biggest problems including the movement of goods and people. ASQS joins an impressive lineup of local aerospace leaders making Calgary an emerging centre of excellence and innovation in the global aerospace industry,” said Patrick Mattern, Vice President Business Development, Calgary Economic Development.

“I’d like to welcome ASQS to Alberta as they continue their global expansion into key aviation markets. Their easy to assemble modular software that suits the individual needs of their clients will be a valuable addition to our province’s aviation and technology industries. We look forward to seeing their client list continue to grow all over North America and Latin America as they build out their presence in Calgary and around the world.” stated David Knight Legg, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Alberta Corporation.