ASL GROUP introduces a new innovative concept ASL FLY EXECUTIVE


ASL Fly Executive

Antwerp, 9 June 2020 – With a careful restart of the aviation sector, ASL Group presented ASL FLY EXECUTIVE, this new concept offers the passenger a high-quality flight experience in an “All-in” package.

“Traveling by airliner has become uncomfortable and impersonal,” said Philippe Bodson, CEO of ASL Group and Air Charters Europe. “The question is, should this really be the case? At ASL Group, we don’t think so. That is why we have developed a new and unusual concept that may turn the aviation industry upside down.”

We wish to place this new project within the activities of ASL Private Jet Services, which operates as charter company for private flights of up to 12 passengers in Belgium and the Netherlands. The group operates a fleet of 35 private jets spread over almost all airports in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2018, a new airline, ACE (Air Charters Europe), was created, which also offers charter flights for groups. ACE operates these flights with Embraer ERJ Jets with a capacity of 30 to 42 seats. ACE has adapted these devices to the needs and wishes of its customers.

“All of the plastic commonly found on airline planes has been removed and replaced with a leather interior, similar to what you would expect in a private jet. Each seat has its own power plug, the legroom between the seats is much larger than you would normally expect, the walls are made of ultra-soft leather and the individual tables and toilets are also finished with high quality materials. The overhead luggage compartments have been removed, giving the aircraft a much more spacious feel, and additional soundproofing has been applied throughout the cabin, making the noise level in the cabin much quieter than during a normal commercial flight. The comfort is excellent, and the passenger experience is first class.”

To date, ACE’s activities have been extremely successful. Many customers from all over Europe such as football teams, companies, private incentives, governments, military agencies, the European community, etc. regularly use ACE services.

“These are the planes with which we will extend the fleet and which will be used in the new Fly Executive project”, continues Philippe Bodson, “Fly Executive will be placed somewhere between private charter flights and scheduled aviation. It will be a kind of regular service to which you can subscribe individually with one or more people, always with a unique character. And it can be the departure airport, the terminal, the period, the destination, etc.”