ASL Fly Executive flies 2 x week to Innsbruck between January and March 2022


ASL Europe

Antwerp – Belgiium – ASL Fly Executive is the exclusive flight concept of ASL Group. In recent years there has been one clear image in the aviation industry: the one around ‘low cost’ due to less service, more passengers in the same aircraft, cancellation of almost all services on board and making all extras payable.

ASL Fly Executive is an airline that offers just the opposite: an exclusive flying experience with smaller aircraft and with a top service where everything is included in the ticket price.

Think of it as a Semi Private Jet Service where departures and arrivals also go through a separate VIP terminal for private jets. At ASL Fly Executive, flying is an experience like it was before and the relaxed holiday feeling begins when you enter the airport.

The flights are operated with an Embraer ERJ 135 in corporate class version. All Airline plastic in the cabin was replaced by an interior that one would expect from a private jet. Each passsenger has its own power connection for laptops or mobile phones, the legroom between the seats is a lot bigger than normal, the ceiling walls were finished with ultra soft leather and the tables and toilets were also finished with high-quality material.

Finally, an additional soundproofing was installed, reducing the noise level in the cabin. With a 10-row configuration with 1 seat on the left in 2 seats on the right, you will never sit next to an unknown fellow passenger. Comfort and a unique passenger experience are central to the Fly Executive concept.