ASL and JetNetherlands take delivery of Falcon 2000LXS


ASL and JetNetherlands Falcon 2000LXS

ASL and JetNetherlands took delivery of a factory-new Dassault Falcon 2000LXS on on 7 August 2015.

The aircraft landed at Antwerp in Belgium on delivery from Dassault’s Little Rock Arkansas completion centre.

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The company will operate the aircraft on behalf of its owner but will also be available for commercial charter.

This is the second Falcon 2000 to be operated in the ASL-JetNetherlands Group, it joins a Falcon 2000EX model.

The new aircraft features a ten-seat cabin with 4 seat club section at the front with a 2 seat club section at the rear. It is equipped with a full wet galley and includes a microwave, an oven and an espresso machine.

The cabin also is fitted with Wi-Fi, satellite phone and an in-flight information and entertainment system.