Asian Sky Group makes two key management appointments


Asian Sky Group (ASG) has appointed Jeffrey C. Lowe as CEO and Nadav Kessler as Vice President of Sales & Business Development. Jeffrey previously held the position of MD at the Hong Kong business aviation consulting firm, while Nadav was director of Business Development & Sales.

“Jeff has seen the inner workings of ASG since day one, and has also come to act as the face of the company,” said ASG chairman, Zhendong Wu. “Jeff and I have discussed our higher hopes for the course of ASG in the coming years. The goal is to serve the industry with the highest professional standards and integrity. I am confident that he will take to his role of CEO with excellence and rigour.”

Lowe joined ASG as general manager in 2012, when the company was founded by Avion Pacific Ltd and Seacor Capital (Asia) Ltd. During his eight years with ASG, Lowe helped expand the team to include sales offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. He also established Asian Sky Media, which produces 10 business and general publications every year, along with providing marketing services to aviation companies looking to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

“I’m also pleased to welcome Nadav to his new role as Vice President of Sales & Business Development,” said Wu. “Nadav is dedicated, loyal and has a proven track record in business development and sales, with a knack for turning challenging opportunities into successful transactions. He always prioritises our clients ’interests, and his strong work ethic and resilient attitude, along with his experience, will surely translate to an effective leader of our Sales & Business Development unit.”

Nadav, like Lowe, has been with ASG since its foundation and has over a decade of experience in business and general aviation for both rotary and fixed-wing operations throughout the region. He will now focus on leading the company’s sales and business development activities, overseeing sales strategy, and leading the team of rotary-and-fixed-wing sales.