Asian Sky Group appoints Thibault as vice president


Mark Thibault

Asian Sky Group (ASG) has appointed Mark Thibault as vice president, Southeast Asia.

“I’m delighted to welcome Mark to the ASG team.”

Jeffrey Lowe, managing director of ASG said: “I’m delighted to welcome Mark to the ASG team. ASG is experiencing a lot of growth within the region and we were looking to capitalize on that with this new addition. Mark has a proven track record within the industry from all aspects, which makes him a great asset to the company.”

Thibault has previously been the COO of Metrojet, COO of Hongkong Jet and the CEO of Mjets, Thibault has been instrumental in the growth of business aviation in the Asia Pacific region.

Mark Thibault added: “I am excited to have been chosen to join the highly acclaimed and respected ASG team. I will draw from my 35 years of aviation experience, which includes two decades of managing and growing business aviation companies in Asia, to support my new role. I look forward to leading the growth of Asian Sky Group in Southeast Asia.”