Asian Sky Group and AVIC sign business aircraft agreement


Asian Sky Group and AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation form pre-owned business aircraft sales group and sign aircraft sales co-operation agreement.

                     Asian Sky Group and AVIC signing
Asian Sky Group and AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation (AVIC ADE) have reached a strategic agreement to source pre-owned business aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary, from various key global markets for re-sale into China to meet growing demands. The agreement also covers the re-sale of mainland Chinese owned aircraft into the global market.

In speaking at the ceremony, AVIC ADE’s vice president Fu Yumin said “As a leader and pioneer in the general aviation business in China, AVIC ADE is pleased that ASG will join us in this strategic partnership to address the pre-owned business aircraft sales sector in China. While AVIC ADE has a long-standing heritage of leadership in China, ASG has rapidly built a business that offers an extensive range of business aviation solutions to PRC clients, from sales & acquisition to a broad range of consulting services. Thus, it’s a pleasure to join ASG in this strategic endeavor to meet growing needs in China’s general aviation sector.”

“ASG is proud to enter into this agreement with AVIC ADE as a strategic partner. AVIC ADE’s 15 years of rich experience in the China market and its extensive customer base encompassing the Chinese general aviation, law enforcement and government sectors, will immediately translate into added value for the business. With AVIC ADE as a partner, ASG will be able to provide highest level of service including import & export and forex trading, which will allow us to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. The partnership hopes to quickly become the leading brokerage company for pre-owned aircrafts in China,” said Jay Shaw, managing director of ASG.