Asia accounted for a quarter of Gulfstream sales in third quarter


Gulfstream G550

General Dynamics says that a quarter of all Gulfstream sales during the third quarter of 2017 were to customers in Asia.

The comments were made by Jason Aiken, chief financial officer of General Dynamics, Gulfstream’s parent company.

“Our core continues to be North America, and that’s where over half of our order activity and backlog is centered,” said Aiken during the General Dynamics third quarter investor relations call, “but we’re seeing, I’d say, probably another quarter of the activity associated with Asia, Asia Pacific. And then if you take other regions notching down, I’d say Europe, then Latin America, then Mideast Africa, sort of in that order in decreasing amounts.”

Asia, particularly China, has been always been a strong region for Gulfstream.

In its 2016 year-end fleet report, Asian Sky Group said that there were a total of 283 Gulfstream aircraft operating in Asia Pacific, a 24% share of all business jets in the region.

In China, both mainland and greater, the percentage share that Gulfstream has is even larger. This jumps up to 32.5% just on the mainland, but climbs even higher to 37.9% for greater China.