ASG beats “challenging” market to sell Falcon 900LX


Asian Sky Group (Photo: Stepworks).

Asian Sky Group has announced that it has sold a Falcon 900LX into the US market.

The Hong Kong-based aviation consultancy says it successfully used its worldwide resources to make the sale despite “persistent, challenging” market conditions for Falcon’s 900 series.

It ran a global marketing campaign to sell the aircraft on behalf of its Asia-based owner, and leveraged its strategic partnerships. It also relocated the aircraft permanently to the US and managed it onsite, so that it was within reach of prospective US buyers.

ASG says the 900LX’s high starting price can be a deterrent to prospective buyers.

There are currently 59 of the aircraft operating worldwide and eight were for sale in August – 14% of the total active fleet. Inventory level is stable, with eight to ten aircraft supplied over the past six months. Current asking prices for the 900LX range from $18.5 million for a 2010 model to $27 million for a 2014 model, with one advertised price reduction of 15% since January.

“While the dropping selling prices might be attractive to buyers, the initial high starting price drives prospective buyers to look elsewhere,” said a company spokesperson.

However, ASG’s worldwide network and local resources meant that it could provide “first-class service and industry knowledge” to the buyer of this particular Falcon 900LX – essential to providing a “credible and meticulous resolution”, according to ASG managing director Jeffrey Lowe.

“We will continue to expand our reach internationally, and, where necessary, establish meaningful partnerships so as to continue to offer our clients the best solutions and value,” he added.