ARINC Direct adds more aircraft


Since EBACE ARINC Direct has added 50 more business aircraft to the fleet it supports

At a press day given in London by ARINC,
James Hardie, the ARINC Direct senior business manager said “In the past three
months since EBACE in Geneva,
ARINC Direct has added 50 more aircraft to the international fleet it supports.
There continues to be a strong take up in SwiftBroadband which is gathering
more interest with the extension of the product suite and capability of new
hardware solutions on more aircraft to support this service. The EMEA and Asia
Pacific customer base has grown substantially, mirroring increased new aircraft
deliveries in these territories.”

ARINC Direct
continues to enhance its flight planning solutions as it supports a number of
corporate jet pilots and flight departments. ARINC Direct’s flight planning
tool gives companies compliance with the Risk Assessment pillar of their Safety
Management System (SMS). ARINC Direct has entered into a partnership with
FlightRisk a simple, easy to use tool designed for pilots
of all skill levels. FlightRisk provides additional safety risk assessment
services and enhanced pre-flight risk awareness that helps pilots with varying
skills and flying on any aircraft make more informed decisions.

Direct will announce at the NBAA in Las
Vegas a significant enhancement to its flight planning
capabilities by enabling graphical manipulation of routes on charts. “With our
latest release, we have implemented the ability to dynamically modify a flight
plan route using our SkyVector mapping application,” said Gary Gambarani,
director of flight operations. “The resulting route on the map is then used to
compute and file a flight plan.”  When combined with the other mapping
overlay features that ARINC Direct provides such as SIGMETS, weather radar and
turbulence, this makes an already powerful flight planning tool to be even
easier to use.  

Andy Hubbard, managing director, ARINC, EMEA reports
that ARINC Direct has a growing number of direct and indirect
Russian customers (aircraft tails that are owned by Russian companies or
individuals but are registered elsewhere and operated via management companies
based in Europe.) ARINC also runs a number of
VHF data link ground stations in Russia which support major airports
and extends coverage to support trans-Siberian flights for VHF communications.
In addition it has a HF data link radio station at Krasnoyarsk,
providing complete ACARS coverage of all Russia’s Airports and Airways. As
the regulatory environment eases for business aviation, ARINC Direct is
confident about seeing fruitful business in Russia. ARINC Direct has added
Russian aircraft for flight planning, including a Yak 42 for one operator and
has the capability to build relatively quickly to support any aircraft, given
the data.

Direct will be exhibiting at next month’s NBAA convention in Las Vegas, where the company will show all
the improvements and new innovations to their wide range of aviation related
products to the business aviation community.

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