ARGUS releases July data


ARGUS July business aurcraft activity data

ARGUS TRAQPak data is serial-number specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all IFR flights in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. The tables below reflect business aircraft activity data for July 1-31, 2012
vs. June 1-30, 2012 and July 1-31, 2012 vs. July 1-31, 2011 respectively.

July 2012 TRAQPak data shows business aircraft activity by and large flat month over month and year over year. TRAQPak data shows that July 2012 business aircraft flight activity recorded a slight decrease, down 1.1% from June 2012. The results by operational category were mostly down from the previous month with the exception of fractional activity which posted a month over month increase of 3.3%. Part 91 & part 135 flight activity finished the month down 2.4% &
1.0% respectively. Aircraft category results were mixed for the period with small cabin jets & turbo props posting a positive month, up 1.2% & 0.4% respectively. Mid-size & large cabin jet activity finished the month down 3.1% & 5.5%. Looking at individual market segments the fractional turbo prop sector posted the highest month over month increase, up 5.8%, Part 91 large cabin jets saw the largest decrease, down 9.7%.

ARGUS TRAQPak July 2012






Reviewing year over year activity (July 2012 vs. July 2011), TRAQPak data shows a slight increase in business aircraft flights up 0.6%. Results by operational category indicate that Part 91 activity for the period finished up 3.9%. The Part 135 & fractional markets both posted year over year decreases, down 1.9% & 6.0% respectively. Activity by aircraft category showed turboprop & small cabin jet sectors increased 3.6% & 1.3% in that order. Large cabin jets finished the time period down 1.9%, followed by mid-size cabin jets which finished down 2.8%. Looking at individual market segments the Part 91 small cabin sector posted the largest single increase up 5.9%, with the small cabin fractional market showing the largest decline down 12.4%.

ARGUS TRAQPak July 2012