ARGUS launches TripCHEQ assurance program


ARGUS International has launched TripCHEQ, a new trip assurance program for charter passengers flying with ARGUS rated operators.

ARGUS International, a US aviation services company, has announced the launch of a new trip assurance program for charter passengers flying with ARGUS rated operators.

The program was developed by Nationwide Insurance Company and offers travel accident insurance coverage for passengers traveling on ARGUS Rated charter operators. The insurance coverage is automatic when ARGUS CHEQ subscribers receive a pre-flight “Green” TripCHEQ report when flying with an ARGUS Rated charter operator.

The ARGUS Trip Assurance program includes insurance coverage underwritten by the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. The travel accident insurance coverage varies with charter operator’s ARGUS Rating, increasing from ARGUS Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum.

Syed Rizvi, vice president and chief specialty insurance officer at Nationwide said: “After performing a significant amount of research on ARGUS and their CHEQ program, we at Nationwide were impressed by their commitment to data accuracy, strict policies and requirements and the historical safety track record of the ARGUS Rated charter operators. We are proud to offer the exclusive ARGUS Trip Assurance program to those who subscribe to the ARGUS CHEQ due diligence program.”

He added: “ARGUS pioneered the CHEQ concept over a decade ago and since then has not waivered on its commitment to accurate data and detailed due diligence on each of our ARGUS Rated operators,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS president and CEO. “We are very proud to offer the ARGUS Trip Assurance program, underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company, as it furthers our promise to buyers and passengers to “Fly Confidently” with ARGUS Rated charter operators.”

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