Argus: A record-setting November in North America


Despite a cooling in global business aviation activity from last month, the North American market saw its strongest November to date while also logging its busiest single day, according to Argus International’s latest Aircraft Activity Report.

Using its TraqPak data that tracks Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) business flights, the firm reported operations in North America jumped 45.1% year-over-year (YOY) last month, topping 300,000. Which was a 20.9% increase from 2019.

Whilst Thanksgiving, on November 28, recorded 13,000 flights—a record level for a single day.

Fractional activity was up 51% from 2020, followed by Part 91, which jumped 48% and Part 135 which grew 40.1% YOY.

Large-cabin flights were up 72.9% in November from 2020; flights by midsize jets were up 55.2% and light jet flights increased by 43.1%.

Globally however, business flight activity in November decreased 5.6% from October.

In Europe, flight activity grew 96.8% from November 2020 and rose 39.8% from November 2019. Overall, TraqPak data recorded 73,000 business aviation flights in the month.

Argus is predicting that December flights will continue to grow in North America. Anticipating an increase of 37.4% over December 2020 and 17.7% from December 2019.