Arc&Co. offers finance and leasing

Leon batchelor, arc&co

Venue: The Jet Business

Image venue: The Jet Business 

Arc&Co., the London aircraft and yacht finance arranger, is now offering short term aircraft finance for owners and has also launched Arc&Co. Aircraft Leasing (ACAL). It says that its leasing product is the simplest way to get a business jet.

ACAL is offering leases of between one-year and three-year terms with the aircraft managed by operators. This means that aircraft come with pilots, crew, insurance and maintenance all pre-arranged.

The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA Group) will provide independent analysis including asset valuations, technical and engine management and industry research for customers.

“Business jets are all about saving time,” said Leon Batchelor, managing director of Arc&Co. Marine and Aviation. “But buying a business jet is complicated. Our lease programme is the simplest way for someone looking to discover the benefits of business aviation for themselves.”

“Because you take the aircraft with most of the costs already fixed in, leasing from ACAL also allows you to forecast the aircraft expenditure accurately, while also mitigating the depreciation.” added Batchelor. “Our contracts are also much simpler than buying an aircraft.”

ACAL aims to arrange leases in less than one month. It also says that the product could be useful for clients looking for interim lift until new aircraft deliver.

Arc&Co. Aircraft Finance will provides short term aircraft financing to business jet owners – again for between one year and three years. Owners can use this short term bridge financing to get cash quickly and remove the operational costs by leasing the aircraft through ACAL.

“We are really excited to be working with manufacturers and owners seeking a short term financing solution.” said Jonathon Spitznagel, Aircraft Originations. “There are many institutions offering long-term aircraft finance, but we believe that there is an opportunity to provide short term flexible capital to the business jet industry.”

Arc&Co. hopes to close its first deal in April.