Alison Price on Air completes flight attendant training


In-flight catering company has completed the training of its 50th flight attendant

Alison Price on Air and flight attendantsAlison Price on Air has this
month completed the training of its 50th Flight Attendant as part of its
on-going educational programme aimed at improving catering services in the

The attendant works with one
of its long standing European operator clients and joins an elite set of flight
crew who gained hands-on catering experience at the company’s London-based facilities.
The training, which is delivered by Executive Chef Richard Cubbin, demonstrates
the company’s commitment to revolutionising in-flight cuisine.

“I have believed from day
one that in order to raise the level of catering in the industry you must start
with education… that is why we hold these free-of-charge courses for all
Flight Attendants who wish to attend,” said Daniel Hulme, In-flight Director
for Alison Price on Air. “The Flight Attendant is the conduit between the
client and our business, so to best understand our vision for the food, and to
strengthen our relationships with the client, training is essential,” he added.

The training has been
running since the launch of the company in May 2010.

Alison Price on Air also
partners with Flight Attendant education specialist Swiss-based Training
Solutions to offer longer, paid for, two day courses aimed at attendants who
want to deepen their knowledge.

The attendants who complete
the course are awarded a certificate to verify their skills. “We find that the
attendants who complete the courses become genuinely interested in the catering
side of their service. It gives them greater confidence to present consistent,
delicious food. It also stimulates their interest in providing their clients
with what they really want which results in happier clients.”