Alison Price On Air at EBACE


APOA will attend the EBACE cabin crew symposium at EBACE in Geneva, marking their second year of business

Daniel HulmeAlison Price on Air, a
division of Alison Price Catering, will be celebrating a second year of business
at EBACE in Geneva,
when managing director Daniel Hulme, sits on the cabin crew symposium panel as
the in-flight catering expert.

Alison Price on Air has
experienced growth of more than 400% in the past year. The increase has been
driven by new customers joining the roster, increased requests from existing
clients and raised demand from long haul flights to the Middle East, India and USA. APOA passed the Department of
Transport security and safety tests allowing them access to London’s busiest executive aviation airports.
The customer portfolio now features over 100 clients including leading names
such as Gama, ExecuJet, Perfect Aviation and Global Jet.

“When we launched into the
peak of the economic crisis many people said that we were mad,” said Hulme.
“However we spotted a gap in the market. Passengers demanded impressive food
and flight attendants needed it to be uncomplicated to prepare. We created a
system that enabled this and have also invested in education of flight
attendants. Consequently they have become more interested and focused on
providing their passengers with the best meals possible and are our best

Looking forward Hulme is
preparing to cope with the expected upturn in business at the Olympics for
which he has already received orders from key sponsors. Satellite kitchens,
motorbike delivery couriers and new partnerships are just some of the
initiatives that APOA is setting in place. He is also expanding resources and
this summer will see two more chefs added to the team. One will be a senior
kitchen chef who will run the Alison Price on Air business as an independent
division separate from Alison Price Catering.

“This is a big step for us,”
said Hulme about the separation. “It speaks volumes about our business
partner’s confidence in our abilities and enables us to have our own
independent chef creating specific Alison Price on Air menus, devising new
methods of presentation and researching new partners to improve on our current

The team expansion will also
support planned development into the high volume, heavy jet charter business.
Alison Price on Air recently completed its first large volume catering request
and the company sees many possibilities in this area.

“Our origins with Alison
Price sit within the large event catering sector so we have the experience and
the know how to provide food in an efficient and convenient manner to the jet
market. We can combine these two elements to create an exciting new product
range,” said Hulme.

Hulme will be attending EBACE
in Geneva where
he will join the cabin crew symposium panel established in 2011 to support
flight attendants. “It’s an honour to have been asked for a second consecutive
year to represent business aviation catering services and demonstrates that our
commitment to the industry is recognised,” said Hulme.