Anticipation builds ahead of ABACE 2015 and the AsBAA AGM

ABACE 2014 static display

Aircraf on display at ABACE 2014 in Shanghai, China.

At AsBAA HQ, the anticipation is building; there is a feeling that this is going to be the best ABACE show to date.

There will be a record numbers of visitors, 40 aircraft on the static from pistons to helicopters and business jets to VVIP airliners and everything in between. The largest delegation of government officials is also expected to be in attendance, ensuring that the issues that really matter reach the ears, desks, and agendas of those with the power to create essential change.
AsBAA with its co-hosts, NBAA, #ABACE15 will truly showcase the rising importance of the Asian marketplace for Business Aviation. The programme of events promise to deliver plenty of exciting highlights; including Mr. Ed Bolen, President of NBAA as confirmed speaker at the AsBAA AGM opening address, followed by the announcement of AsBAA’ s latest events and initiatives. To kick off AsBAA @ #ABACE15, VIP guests Mr. Kevin Wu, Chairman and Mr. Charlie Mularski, Vice Chairman AsBAA will speak at the opening ceremony (0900-1000, Tuesday 14 April, main stage, ABACE15) along with CAAC, NBAA, representatives of the US Government, and the Shanghai Airport Authority.


AsBAA has been committed to breaking down barriers and raising standards for more than 15 years in Asia. At #ABACE15, AsBAA will celebrate the 15 years since the association was founded, and look ahead to the opportunities for the future. In order to mark this momentous occasion, and kick-off its new and revitalised initiatives; this year, AsBAA we will be hosting its largest AGM to date. The event will host approximately 150+ regional and international industry leaders, Government and industry associations, as well as for the first time; a select group of media.
The AGM is an opportunity to learn more about what AsBAA is doing to help the business aviation industry. Charlie Mularski, Vice Chairman, AsBAA shared, “we will demonstrate our continued growth and transparency, and the importance placed on breaking down barriers, resolving misconceptions, and driving up standards collectively with authorities across the region collaboratively. But remember, AsBAA is only as strong as its collective voice through its members: Your Association Needs YOU!”

Governance and initiatives

AsBAA will introduce its new initiatives and governance structure at the meeting. Ahead of the day, AsBAA explained that the existing Board of Directors was expanded in October 2014 in order to better serve the needs of AsBAA’ s membership. There are now some additional changes to the corporate governance structure of the Board, which will be shared at the AGM.
The board has been working hard on behalf of the membership it represents to introduce new initiatives for the coming 12 months. These initiatives have been developed to meet the challenges its members requested assistance with. This year, there is a particular focus on improving coherent safety plans as the industry expands, and prioritising improvements to #bizav airport infrastructure in order to accommodate the predicted and visible continued growth demanded and required in the region.
AsBAA has been making particular efforts to promote women leaders in BizAv across Asia. AsBAA has created a content series, Women in Aviation which interviews women leaders across the industry and publishes the feedback to celebrate the successes of women and seek to inspire future generations to join the industry. For the first time at the AsBAA AGM, a dream team panel of women representing: legal, financial, infrastructure (airports-FBO), regulatory, sales, operational, manufacturers; NGO’s and business leaders from across the industry will host a panel discussion and Q&A, creating open dialogue for this important issue.
AsBAA is also engaging the industry’s grass-roots at the student level to support sustainable growth by working in conjunction with regional universities. Another AsBAA first, the association will be introducing its first ever members student scholarship / intern scheme, championed by AsBAA and supported by NBAA and IBAC for 2016.

The AsBAA AGM is a vital opportunity to ensure that each voice is heard across the groups it represents. Specific representation within the Board has been assigned to ensure that each AsBAA deliverable receives its full attention and support.

AsBAA will introduce the new Board contacts for:

• Future talent / grassroots
• Recruitment
• Events
• Government relations
• Public Relations

Last (but no means any less important) is the commencement of AsBAA’s partnership with Orbis “flying eye hospital charity” in Asia.

Orbis is an international non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to saving sight worldwide. Since 1982, Orbis capacity-building programs have enhanced the skills of 325,000 eye care personnel and provided medical and optical treatment to more than 23.3 million people in 92 countries.

AsBAA is committing to achieving a fundraising target of US20,000 over the first twelve months through its membership relations. The mission is to help Orbis upgrade its aircraft, and thereby continue their admirable and remarkable work throughout the region, helping adults and children see the world from their own perspective.

Wishing you a happy and successful #ABACE15 !

The plans for the AsBAA AGM and AsBAA @ #ABACE15 events are well underway, if you have not yet registered, here is your call to action – its NOW or NEVER!

You can follow AsBAA on Twitter: @AsianBAA or on Linkedin: AsBAA

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