AMSTAT adds new functionalities to its premier service


AMSTAT has released new functionalities for its AMSTAT Premier service that further enables aircraft researchers to record their work and identify and manage changes in preowned markets.

AMSTAT understands the challenges facing market researchers working for aircraft brokers when spending hours researching a specific market for a customer and documenting their findings using Premier’s collaboration tools. Asking prices may have been edited based on a conversation with the seller’s broker, for sale status may have been updated for a potential off-market sale and specifications like total time may have been changed based on personal knowledge. 

The firm understands the above challenges and has developed new features to address this.

First, AMSTAT Premier subscribers now have the option to have AMSTAT automatically update their edited values with the latest AMSTAT data as soon as it is available. Customers will always see the latest information when this setting is enabled and can choose to archive their edits whenever this happens so that they can review at any time.

Secondly, AMSTAT allows Premier subscribers to easily identify which of their edits have more recent data from AMSTAT. This allows customers to review their edits along with the new values from AMSTAT and choose whether to use the AMSTAT value and archive their edit or keep their edit as is.

“The combination of these new features will be a significant time saver for the aircraft broker researcher tasked with tracking multiple markets and who may be required to quickly pivot and update their work on any preowned market they previously researched.” said Andrew Young, AMSTAT general manager. “This new functionality will enable researchers to monitor more markets in a much more efficient manner.”

The company has also released a new widget, known as the “My Market Changes Tool”, which is also available to Premier subscribers and allows brokers and researchers to come back to previously researched markets and quickly review changes that have occurred since they were last in the respective model market. The widget will show a running tally of updates, including what is newly listed for sale, what has sold and which edited records have more recent AMSTAT information.

Kit Tankhiwale, AMSTAT Senior Product Innovator added: “AMSTAT knows how important it is for our customers to have the best data possible, whether it’s from AMSTAT or from their market research based on their own personal network. With these new features, our customers will be able to quickly reconcile updates in an ever-changing market and service their clients with the best information possible.”