Ambry Hill Technologies uses AI to process aftermarket quotes


Aviation software firm Ambry Hill Technologies is now using artificial intelligence (AI) on its VistaQuote platform to speed up aftermarket aircraft part sales.

The AI-assisted software will now be able to automatically understand and process human-typed, freeform emails on the VistaQuote platform. It will process a customer’s request for a quote (RFQ) and within seconds it will scan the data and check for the availability and pricing of aircraft parts, giving the customer and seller more timely and up-to-date information.

“It’s an incredibly smarter and much more efficient way of separating out the things you don’t need to be concerned with,” said Paul Stewart, founder and president, Ambry Hill Technologies. “Employee time is a valuable resource for any company, and with VistaQuote’s AI engine and auto-quoting both enabled, our customers can focus on selling parts and services, not reading emails.”

Cole Davisson, vice president of Software Innovation, Ambry Hill Technologies said: “In the near future it’s very likely that companies using AI will have a distinct advantage over those who are not. Not just in the obvious benefits, but also that it will become a recognised and distinguishing value add in product or service offering over those who are not embracing AI within their organisations.”

He added: “You can either get there now and make it a significant competitive advantage, or don’t do it now and risk falling into the shadow of those who have.”