AMAC and Pilatus team up at MEBA


AMAC Aerospace and Pilatus join forces to promote the PC-12 NG at the MEBA 2012 show.

AMAC Aerospace, the authorised sales distributors for the Pilatus PC-12 NG in the Middle East is joining forces with Pilatus of Switzerland during MEBA 2012. A Pilatus PC-12 NG will also be available for viewing on the static display.

“This aircraft has terrific capability and its popularity is reflected in the fact there are now over 1,200 sold all around the world. It can land on grass, gravel and it is very operationally efficient,” said Kadri Muhiddin, CEO of AMAC Aerospace. It can fulfil multi-role missions too – from accommodating up to nine passengers – to serving as an air ambulance or special mission role – attributes which will appeal to certain Middle East customers.

AMAC is marketing the high speed six-seater turboprop in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

“The aircraft is from A-Z the most economically (with a fuel burn of $200 per hour) interesting product available within the market of Turbo Prop aircraft. The various categories of comparison to be made on the PC-12 NG does not compare or come close to its nearest competitor due to the low operating costs, quick turn arounds, cabin flexibility and cabin size.” added Kadri Muhiddin.