AMAC Aerospace’s ‘busy summer’ includes two head-of-state aircraft


Summer has been busy for Swiss-based MRO, AMAC Aerospace, as it welcomed two head-of- state Airbus maintenance projects. The company also managed four other Airbus maintenance projects and completed an 8C-check on a Bombardier Global XRS.

The first head-of-state aircraft, an Airbus ACJ340, arrived at AMAC’s Basel base in late July. The aircraft is due to stay for two months at the company’s headquarters to undergo a C-check. AMAC installed a Ka-Band system and the Airbus team performed some minor modification cabin work and several rectifications inside the aircraft.

The second head-of-state aircraft, an Airbus A320, also arrived in late July. AMAC is currently carrying out a multiple C-check package on the aircraft.

The firm was won further maintenance projects on four Airbus aircraft.

Those included an Airbus ACJ320, which arrived in late June to undergo a 2C-check and a second Airbus ACJ320, which arrived at the end of July. AMAC’s technicians are carrying out a multiple C-check. An Airbus ACJ319 arrived in July to undergo a 6-, 12-, 18- and 24-month check. AMAC’s Airbus team will also carry out a partial cabin refurbishment and a Ka-Band installation on the aircraft.

AMAC Aerospace has completed an 8C-check on a Bombardier Global XRS. This was delivered at the end of February to undergo a maintenance check. While on ground, a cabin refurbishment was completed and avionics upgrades were carried out. The maintenance check required the removal of the stabiliser. The aircraft was completed in mid-August before heading to the paint shop after competing the 8C-check.

The 8C Check is due every 10 years and involves hundreds of different maintenance tasks. Scheduled down time of the aircraft is around two months, with 2,500-man hours of work planned. Remedying problems, which may be discovered during inspection, sometimes adds to the hours of work needed.