ALTO Aviation introduces its new Cadence cabin remote control app


ALTO Cadence

VBACE – 3 December 2020 – ALTO Aviation has introduced their new ALTO Cadence cabin remote control app. The app is a companion product to the recently released System Master Controller (SM-1070). It will provide passengers with an elegant and intuitive interface to the entire IFE and CMS installation in a Business Jet.

The app is available for iOS (Apple), Android, and MS Windows (PC & Tablet) devices. It will run on any wireless personal electronic device and the offering of wired touch screens provided by ALTO. Combined with ALTOs versatile SM-1070 Controller, the app can support control of a wide array of cabin systems, communicating not only with ALTOs own line of products but also interfacing to Monitors, Lighting, Source equipment, and various third-party components.

The app is available from the App stores and includes a Demo Mode for previewing the functionality. Upon connection to the aircraft, the customized user interface is downloaded, providing the user easy access to all their aircraft cabin controls. A proprietary graphic design approach provides elegant 3-D controls that can be easily customized upon customer request. ALTO also teams up with customers to audition and approve the app interface remotely during the design process.

“The new ALTO Cadence cabin remote control app represents a fresh new approach to the passenger user interface. We made the design intuitive and easy to use with a responsive performance optimized for any device or screen orientation,” said Steve Scarlata, ALTO Aviation VP R&D.