Alerion Aviation launches aircraft owner portal


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Teterboro, NY – Alerion Aviation has officially launched its new aircraft owner portal, which allows users to access real-time information, such as schedules, expenses, maintenance updates and passenger lists at any time. Aircraft owners can look both backward and forward in time to better understand aircraft operations and trends. Furthermore, the portal allows multiple owners to coordinate schedules with airplane itineraries.

In addition to accessibility, Alerion Aviation prioritised security when developing its new technology. That is, data is stored in a secure database in the cloud and is protected by unique owner password protection. All records, photos and aircraft documents are stored in one location which is easily accessible anywhere on a computer, iPad or smartphone and not subject to data corruption.

“A highly functional, interactive owner portal with real time schedules, financial and maintenance information has been the ‘Holy Grail’ of the aircraft management business,” said Bob Seidel, CEO of Alerion Aviation. “I personally have been pursuing a working model for a dozen years. After two years of development, Alerion is excited to make this feature available to our managed aircraft owners and their staffs.”

Alerion Aviation’s owner portal is currently in beta test and will soon be available to all clients.