Airbus to display ACJ318 at Jet Expo 2011


Airbus show VVIP Comlux ACJ318 at Moscow

Comlux ACJ318 main cabinAirbus has
announced that it will exhibit a VVIP Comlux Airbus ACJ318 at Jet Expo in Moscow.

corporate jets are similar in size to traditional business jets on the outside,
but are around twice as big on the inside, allowing them to deliver a more
comfortable and productive space in which to travel, as well as the ability to
carry more passengers,” comments Airbus chief operating officer, customers,
John Leahy. “They also benefit from being derived from the world’s most modern
aircraft family,” he adds.

offers the largest family of corporate jets of any manufacturer, ranging from
the Airbus ACJ318 all the way up to the ACJ380, allowing it to offer customers the
comfort that they want in the size that they need.

It features a living area and an office that converts
to a bedroom, plus two spacious bathrooms, giving passengers a ride that is
comfortable and practical, as well as productive and relaxing.